Who We Help:

Whether you run a large, small, mid-sized, or massive merchandising warehouse, communication among different divisions and your entire staff is vital to sustain order, ensure safety, and improve productivity. These are just a few of the benefits bringing push to talk into your business.


How do we help:

By working with Cloud PTT we help you bridge the gap of communication services. Companies that have legacy two way system; where they are currently experience limited coverage or are looking for new and updated features. With our updated features we help with durable long-lasting battery life 2-way radios which features include:


  • Push to Talk Voice Calls
  • Push to Talk Video Calls
  • Emergency Calls
  • GPS Tracking
  • Messenger - Text, Image and File Exchange
  • Group Operation Capabilities
  • Voice and Video Recording
  • Customization of Client Application
  • User Permissions
  • Management over Multiple Communication Networks
  • Voice and Video logging
  • Text messaging


We are a new generation of 2 way communication with our radios you will experience, clear communication over air.  


Push to Talk Voice Calls

Voice calls done like on specialized two-way radio. Tap on the button to start talking immediately without confirmation from receiving party. Available for individual and group communication.


Push to Talk Video Calls

Walkie Talkie communication powered by video transmitted together with the voice. Available for individual and group communication.


Emergency Calls

Emergency calls are video or voice push to talk calls to emergency groups. Emergency calls are the highest priority calls. Call to emergency groups stops all other types of call including ongoing duplex voice and video calls.


GPS Tracking

CloudPTT provides GPS tracking capabilities to get the locations of the fleet members. There are 2 options to do the request for GPS location:

Single request. One time request for subscriber location. As soon as the location is delivered to the request initiator it is automatically displayed on the map.

Timely request. Request to get periodic location update at the definite time interval.




Messenger allows exchanging text messages, images and files. In CloudPTT, messenger is available for both private conversations between individual users and for communication in scope of group.



Group Operation Capabilities

We allow organizing subscribers into groups for number of operations:

PTT Voice Call. Tap on group to start immediate voice call to all group members.

GPS Tracking. Batch location request for all group members. single or timely updates by the definite interval.

Chat. Text message, image and file exchange in scope of the group.


Voice and Video Recording

All voice and video calls are recorded in our CloudPTT Datacenter. Each voice conversation is recorded into mp3 file. Video calls are recorded into mkv format