CloudPTT, Push-to-Talk without limitations

Who We Help:

Whether you run a large, small, mid-sized, or massive merchandising warehouse, communication among different divisions and your entire staff is vital to sustain order, ensure safety, and improve productivity. These are just a few of the benefits bringing push to talk into your business.

How do we help:

By working with CloudPTT we help you bridge the gap of communication services. Companies that have legacy two way system; where they are currently experience limited coverage or are looking for new and updated features. With our updated features we help with durable long-lasting battery life 2-way radios which features include:

·         Push to Talk Voice Calls
·         Push to Talk Video Calls
·         Emergency Calls
·         GPS Tracking
·         Messenger - Text, Image and File Exchange
·         Group Operation Capabilities
·         Voice and Video Recording
·         Customization of Client Application
·         User Permissions
·         Management over Multiple Communication Networks
·         Voice and Video logging
·         Text messaging